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UNIFIED VOICE-WORKS offers a wide variety of classes and sessions in the areas of vocal coaching, music, and personal growth. 

"I thought I had already found "my voice," but Heather's Unified Voice-Work showed me where I could become stronger, deeper and more grounded, and immediately improved my presentation skills. I look forward to working with her to go even further. I am really impressed with how she meets each student where they are."~ Marla Estes, M.A., the School of the Examined Life

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A collaboration between Heather Hutton (Unified Voice-Works, LLC) and John Jordan-Cascade (Cascade Creative Productions).


TRANSFORM YOUR VOICE. RECLAIM YOUR LIFE.....What is it that is only yours to say?

When our singing and speaking is directly connected to our entire body, thoughts, and emotions; we can truly hear ourselves and be heard by others.

In the Unified Voice-Work, participants become aware of and shift physical and mental patterns that may be interfering with the freedom and authenticity of their vocal expression.

We all have a voice. The Unified Voice-Work meets you where you are and helps you uncover and share your unique voice, no matter what your current skill or comfort level in singing and speaking is.

Participants in workshops and sessions have received a variety of benefits including reduced fear in singing or speaking in front of others, release of tension in the throat and elsewhere in the body, singing with more range and expressiveness, and speaking more from the heart.

Heather also offers private VoiceWork and healing/personal growth sessions through sound and movement, as well as instruction in singing, songwriting, music fundamentals, violin, and beginning piano.

Her teaching approach is personalized and intuitive-bridging practical techniques with the innovative and creative. $55/$50 for adults (1 hour) and $45/$40 for children (1 hr.), $30/$25 (half hour) Group sessions also available. 

Call: (541) 531-1933



Dear Heather,

     I want to express my gratitude for working with me in your group workshops. I have attended four so far and I find it quite amazing how you create the nurturing environment and feeling of safety that allows me to express myself in song before a group of people. From a variety of experiences in my life I did not feel safe to express myself freely and I have been very shy. Not only do you provide the nurturing environment that enables me to let my voice out, but you also encourage me to take further risks. I've already witnessed myself speaking spontaneously and authentically in the working world environment without feeling fearful. I am thrilled to witness this evolution in my own voice-thanks to the sensitivity, intuition and skill you bring to your work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."-Elma Ondry

"Heather Hutton's class enhanced my comprehension of multiple aspects involved in singing. Heather's uniquely joyous and intuitive yet professional and pragmatic approach to teaching singing produced palpable results in every student. I highly recommend both Heather's workshops and private sessions and enthusiastically look forward to my next lesson! Let's Activate the Miraculous...-Happy Oasis

"I would recommend Heather's workshop to anyone, regardless of their vocal abilities. I personally arrived with a challenging set of issues with singing, being brought up with "children are seen and not heard". Because of the techniques and support I received, I am now not only able to breathe more deeply and project easier; I am filled with a new sense of hope and inspiration and will soon be taking private lessons!"-A'janae Jensen

 "My experience in a Unified Voice workshop was a real gift, as I felt safe enough to set aside my ego for the evening and open my heart to the teachings. Through my allowing of the experience and the inspiration of Heather's graceful facilitation and authentic expression of passion, I believe I've discovered my genuine voice. This resonates with me still."-Roger, architectural woodcarver

"Heather Hutton is an exceptional voice coach. Gentle, gifted, and highly skilled, she creates an atmosphere which facilitates an unsurpassed feeling of safety and support. With these "basics" handled, I felt free enough to sing solo to an audience for the first time in my life. I highly recommend Heather as a voice coach and teacher. Prepare to have fun and be inspired!" In appreciation, Lyn Bailey (1st time Unified Voice participant)


"I had a wonderful experience in Heather's workshop. In the 90's, I studied voice in NYC for over 10 years in a competitive and successful program, yet felt disillusioned, like something was missing. After that, I let it all go until 6 months ago, yet I couldn't get it back. Something was still missing. In the Unified Voice workshop, I found out what that "something" was...my soul and core truth. I began to sing from a very real space...something I never found in the Big Apple!"-R.B. Brown


"This was the first time I sang in public and it felt very good. For the first time in my life, I felt my voice so free, with the song coming out all by itself. I also noticed how deeply connected we all were in the end. This seminar is a beautiful way to open more of yourself and meet others in a very safe and natural manner. I strongly advise it, especially for those who love to sing but for some reason don't let themselves-like myself!"-Philipp (Coach/Consultant, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)


"Taking this workshop was a big leap, as it brought up all my old childhood fears and programming about singing. Heather was a masterful facilitator who allowed me to feel supported and seen. I was especially impressed with her ability to perceive energy and assist us all in gently opening to a richer and fuller vocal experience. I came away much more confidant in using my voice and would highly recommend this workshop to anyone desiring to explore their voice, no matter what their level or experience in singing is."-Adama, Hakomi Therapist


 "Heather really helps you put your whole body and self into your singing. Through body awareness and movement, she helps you see blockages and find personal ways to help you release them in order to create a fuller, more integrated voice. The workshop gives a fresh look at vocalization and is fun, personal, interactive, and deeply satisfying!"-Carolee Buck


"The workshop was a very heartwarming experience for me, and I will definitely be returning for more! I met some great people and came to have a lot more compassion for my own and everyone else's process around sharing and opening the voice. We learned some new ways to explore and express song in our bodies and in performance. I had been exploring these methods in private sessions with Heather and found that the group setting amplified the process and added another dimension. Thank you for helping me find and trust my voice."-Sharon Kraus, alternative health care practitioner


"Through a combination of fun, playful exercises, and spontaneous emotional healing experiences; we were able to explore our voices with a genuine sense of safety and support. I am now more aware and intentional about how I use my voice, not only in singing but in daily living. I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who enjoys singing or wants to learn more about how they use their voice."-Dave Winters


"Participating in the Unified Voice Workshop is a treat for the voice and the soul. Heather's style is graceful and focused and her caring heart shines through her teaching. I highly recommend these workshops to those who want to learn more about their vocal instrument."-Donna B!, Improv. Actress and Musician, Ashland, Or.


"I had such a fun and enriching time at the Unified Voice workshop I attended this Summer! The effects continue to reverberate in my life...opening more fully, asserting my truth, and speaking and singing with clarity and confidence. Heather created a potent and multi-layered experience through her depth of presence and intuitive guidance, and we were able to access deep emotional layers with a sense of lightness and joy."-Camille Bianco, Art Therapist/Counselor


"What a wonderful workshop...I loved how 'whole-istic' it was! I felt so welcomed by Heather and the space, and the presence of safety allowed us to be real with our emotions, bodies, and spirits. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking to experience more of their true expression in a balanced way through voice, movement, and group experience."-Eric Grace, Personal Coach/Group Leader, Ashland, Or.


voice3"Heather's integrative voice workshop was a wonderfully expansive experience for me. She created a very safe and blessed sphere within which we were all encouraged to let down our guards and reach through our emotional scars to express ourselves more freely. She is an angel of mercy, as her healing gift is genuine and whole-hearted."-Michael Breeze, Ashland


"Heather has a true gift for vocal coaching; my workshop experience with her was deeply transformative and delightfully fun. I appreciate her loving attention and intuitive skill in bringing out the best in people, and nurturing the voice through a process of full embodiment. I feel more alive and empowered in my voice and in my whole being."-Kathy Kali, tantric guide, hypnotherapist, prosperity coach


"The Unified Voice workshop was fabulous. I could feel my fear at every turn, yet Heather was right there with supportive guidance and fun exercises that relaxed and calmed me. Getting in touch with my "Inner Singer" has been priceless!"-Denise Byron, Life Coach


"Heather Hutton is a truly gifted teacher of Voice: intuitive, experienced, and devoted to her students. She unlocks the door to expression through Voice and does so with grace, beauty, and caring." - K.S., licensed psychologist


"Heather is a gifted voice coach. She has shown me the deep connection between my voice and all the senses. Through intuitive guidance and play, my voice began to open more, as I felt for the first time my voice being a part of me, connected to my whole self and body. Heather has been like a "Voice Midwife" for me, such a precious gift."-Jasna, Ashland Or.


"Heather's intuitive nature helped me rediscover my voice. I have a greater appreciation of the gift of voice and the song we all share."-Daniel, Ashland


"Since I was a child I knew I had the potential to be more open and expressive with my voice, singing successfully from my heart and soul. In working with Heather's professional and unique, intuitive guidance, I feel closer to embodying that full potential. Thank you, Heather."
- F.L.,CHT


"When I met Heather I told her that I was working on being more authentic in all aspects of my life. The part of me that felt out of alignment was my voice,which didn't always seem to represent the "true me." With Heather's unique and personalized approach, I've been able to uncover and find more of the essence of my true voice."
- S.D., Medical Technologist/Musician


"Heather, thank you for your Unified Voice workshop. Through our work together I discovered what a powerful instument my voice can be. The intimate gathering and your constructive guidance allowed me to explore my voice in a safe and comfortable setting. I came away with confidence and excitement at the prospect of sharing my voice with others."-Susan Gold, facilitator; Two Moons Tea and Radiant Self


"Two weeks now since the workshop and the original feeling has remained. It was a profound experience. Heather has an astonishing degree of the intuitive gift of allowing through her what the person she is working with most needs. Her presence is a kind of portal through which she takes you by surprise to other places. She led me into an experience that dramatically showed me where my true singing wanted to come from, and from where I could experience greater freedom, enjoyment, openness, and flexibility."-Alexander Alexis, Ashland, Or.


"Heather's workshop was fun and informative, definitely a positive and powerful experience for me! I now feel much more in touch with my voice on many levels and find myself singing much more as I go throughout my day. How cool is that?!"-Paula Johnson, Massage Therapist


"I have been singing and performing most of my life. When I told friends I was going to a voice workshop, they replied by saying, "Why would you need that?" I had a strong sense to go. I received so much from Heather's gentle guidance and intuitive flow. She knew exactly where to encourage each of us to grow. Not only have I opened my voice; a part of my soul opened as well. The atmosphere felt playful and relaxing. Thank you, Heather."-Nature Lindsay


"I can say without reservation that Heather is a masterful and inspiring teacher. Using intuition and specific techniques, she guides her students to new places within themselves and their voices. My experience in the Unified Voice workshop was profoundly healing, as she encouraged us to support one another as we took new risks in the group. Heather also has a great sense of humour, which makes learning and singing so much fun!"-Susan, Asland, Or.


"I have very much enjoyed my private voice sessions with Heather, whose inspiring and healing nature combines to create a relaxing atmposphere in which to grow musically. She finds ways to help you move and really feel the music, which helps in bringing forth a richer and stronger voice, and I have noticed an improvement in the quality of my singing after working with her. I highyly recommend this gifted voice teacher."-Roberta Kaiser, Family Nurse Practitioner


"Heather has an exquisite ability to create safe space. She is a master at tuning in and facilitating the needs of the individual and the group, for the sake of healing and joy in self-expression. I highly recommend her workshop to anyone who is thinking about attending." Melah Jayanti, Healer & Consultant

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