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"Listening to Heather Hutton's CD is pure joy-an experience not to be missed. Her moving voice and songs seem to come from a different dimension, yet they are grounded in the beauty of this earth. You are not the same person after hearing them. Give yourself and your friends a gift-get this CD."  - Neil Anderson, former Vice President of CBS records and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)

Heather Hutton's Closing the Divide is refreshingly unique, spanning a variety of genres and textures. Each of the 10 songs has its own identity and through them all, we are taken on a magical journey...from the lighthearted and lilting to the powerfully sacred.

With traces of Celtic, Pop, Folk, and Middle Eastern styles; the combination of deeply moving vocals, inspiring lyrics, and the brilliant instrumental artistry of Richard Williams makes for a rich and unforgettable experience.

Lyric excerpts from "Closing the Divide"

As the season comes and the air grows cold,
and the winged ones leave or die..
I can hear that voice giving me a choice, "You must change or stay and die."
Well, I coose Life. Yes I choose Life...
– from "I am that Child"

If I laughed in a strange and foreign tongue, would you smile back in the same language?
And if your head was pointing at a gun, would I turn my own for something more familiar?
– from "Familiar"

It seems to be so easy to still stand here when my heart on my sleeve looks so good on you.
– from "Right Hand Man"

When the package that you wrapped has unravelled, and your heart says it's had enough...
If the reins that you hold lose their grip on you...hold to the center of your trust.
– from "Center of your Trust"

My hands make a shape and move around the place where magick makes time stand still.
My ancient heart knows that I'm not dancing alone, as I remember what it's like to believe...
– from "Dancing with the Angel"

Change is on the wing; the vulture's in flight.
Death isn't always a bad thing. She leads us to birth the calling, the calling...
– from "Put them Together"

Love overwhelms me, even when I was prepared for war.
As a storm rages in me, I see a calmer place on the shore, and a ...
Whole sea of people with their arms opened wide, dark and light, the seeing and the blind...
– from "Closing the Divide"

Oh, all the leaves come tumbling down and kiss me on the furrowed brow.
It's here among these faery groves my staff doth reappear!
– from "Faery Groves"

Setting free what lives in me will bring me closer to home.
– from "Closer to Home/Standing Mountain"

Alas, I see the river now as it flows on to its source,
and the blood of all that lives and dies plays a rhythm with the shore.
The mystery travels far beyond as the wound begins to heal...
– from "The Mystery"

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